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About Bernadette Paolo Africa Society

Bernadette Paolo has served as President and CEO of The Africa Society of The National Summit on Africa since 2006. Prior to this, Bernadette Paolo performed in the roles of Vice President and Director of Operations for the international philanthropic initiative. A founding member of the organization, Bernadette Paolo has been instrumental to its development through a variety of efforts. Among these, Bernadette Paolo acts as legal counsel for the not-for-profit organization.

Bernadette Paolo has played a major role with The Africa Society of The National Summit since its establishment. The Africa Society developed out of the 1997 National Summit on Africa, in which Bernadette Paolo and nearly 20,000 others from every state and territory participated in the largest mobilization of Africa-interested individuals in the history of the U.S. The desire to facilitate a broad paradigm shift in America’s attitude toward Africa prompted Bernadette Paolo and her colleagues to subsequently form The Africa Society of The National Summit on Africa. The objective of The Africa Society is to educate Americans regarding the continent of Africa and its constituent countries, and Bernadette Paolo has actively pursued this mission since helping to found the organization in 2002.

Bernadette Paolo’s highly effective nonpartisan and nonprofit organization strives to promote a greater comprehension of the cultures, histories, economies, and people of Africa’s 54 autonomous nations. To accomplish this, Bernadette Paolo and her team work to highlight the richness, diversity, and opportunities of Africa through educational programs targeted toward Americans of every age and socioeconomic level. Bernadette Paolo directs the think-tank and public education organization from Washington DC, where she also offers strategic advice to U.S. policymakers. Bernadette Paolo understands that a greater knowledge of Africa will bolster an increased respect for both Africa as well as the American descendants of displaced African peoples.

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